Do You Like the Rain?

For me, I had always been in love with it for rain has always been the greatest thing for me.

I do not know why but every time it rains, I just light up, smile and want to fling out my arms and be enveloped by it.

When it rains, I eat ice cream and enjoy every bite of delicious goodness. I could never enjoy any ice cream if rain was not to be found.

When it rains, I am intoxicated with the smell of the Earth and never understand how other people could possibly despise such a perfume-worthy fragrance.

And when it rains hard, there is always the huge possibility of classes being suspended.

I love learning very much, don’t get me wrong, but most of the time, I just want to wake up late and not leave my room.

And of course, because of how the education system totally sucks.

That is why, just this Tuesday and Wednesday, I hated the rain because it kept raining so hard at night and by morning, it magically disappeared that all my hopes for the suspension of classes just went down the drain.

But that was two days ago and today, it is raining again and boy do I love every second with it covering the world around me.

From this, I realize something too, rain is singular and yet it is made up of countless droplets of water.

Makes me wonder of how beautiful this world and life can be when every single one of us decides to be who we are, which is to be human.

Like the way all these little droplets had formed to give us the lovely event that we call rain.

I do see and marvel at the beauty of the world that our differences had made as well. I do believe that this world would not be as beautifully imperfect if we are all so similar with each other.

Thank you for dropping by today, and I hope you have a lovely day, dear lovely person.

Featured photo was made by yours truly on a wonderfully rare creative day.


16 thoughts on “Do You Like the Rain?

  1. I like misty rain. I don’t like heavy rains for days on end with lots of thunder and lightning. Unfortunately we get more of the latter during our summers. I have mixed feelings about rain.

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    1. Will you mind if I call light rain as misty rain now? I love how it suddenly sounds so magical.
      Might I ask, are you afraid of thunder or lightning? Thanks for taking the time to drop by!

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      1. I’m glad you like the description! Thunder makes it harder to sleep but I’m not particularly bothered by either. My issue is with the sudden, large amounts of water that have nowhere to go. Floods were a very real danger where I grew up and that can be a difficult fear to settle.


    1. Hahaha, you just described the most beautiful day! Thanks for dropping by. And is that the Eiffel Tower I see? Wow!
      Btw, I am sorry for replying so late, I was wondering why I had a lone comment here, and it was the one meant for you. ❤


    1. Oh thank you so much for such kind praises! I am so glad to find another person who loves the scent that the rain brings. And your comment has been an absolute lovely read as well. ❤


  2. Yes, I love the rain! When it rains, I stay in bed and read/write. When it falls at night, I sleep earlier and better. There is something magical about the rain. I love the photo!

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