A Question: Why Do We Always Wish for the “Bad”?

Every student’s dream (well at least, most of us) would love to have the classes suspended, even for just a day. Even an absent teacher is truly a magnificent thing because it meant almost total freedom (more often than not is the case in my school).

That is why a lot of students like me who are still in grade school to high school loves nothing more than the sight of a typhoon and the accompaniment of the announcement of suspension on the television.

I know that it is not good to wish for such a thing, and yet, I can’t help it, and I’m pretty sure that a lot of people are with me on this.

It really makes me wonder, why do we wish for something that is good for us but bad for other people? Why are we so self-centered? Why can’t we ever be truly happy? What even is bad, and why do we keep asking for it?

I have a lot of answers as to why things are the way they are, but I don’t always find them very believable, and all answers always seem to lead to more questions.

Your turn: what are the questions that are running in your head right now? I’d love to hear them. Comment them down below.
Lots of love (and pizza, oh goodness, I’m suddenly craving for pizza right now) to you!




11 thoughts on “A Question: Why Do We Always Wish for the “Bad”?

  1. I agree with you on the point being self-centered, but I think it’s not wrong or mean as such, it’s just you can’t make everyone happy and these days people are more interested in me than we, it may be wrong on many levels but they topic has so many perspectives that a comment would not be enough. But wishing for suspension is not evil I could assure you, I’m in college and we still wish for that :-0 Besides for question yeah I posted about one and still looking for some good answers maybe you could give me one 😉


  2. There exists a word in German that describes this exact feeling. It is known as Schedunfreude, and it basically refers to the psychological state of mind in which we get pleasure from someone else’s misfortune. Sort of like a “Glad it didn’t happen to me” kind of feeling. It doesn’t make you a bad person, though. We naturally ‘hope’ for situations that are in our favor. Interesting post 🙂

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  3. Oh damn – I was NOT expecting that existential crisis that just hit me x_x I have to admit, I often question morality and how it changes throughout the years and whether morality is just a social construct? Is it something that’s decided by the collective or individually?

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    1. Wow, those are some pretty damn good questions. Thank you so much for sharing! Hopefully, we find the answers to these in our lives.
      I hope you’re alright. ❤❤❤


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