One Lovely Blog Award

The really lovely KM Sutton from the wonderful Ankhor You has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award and I have been on the moon and beyond, even now. Thank you so very much. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, it is really awesome. You will be really happy checking it out.

I didn’t know that there were awards like these but I ain’t complaining, and it really is such a wonderful gesture that just makes me so happy I could cry.

After seven months of inactivity and now this, what a true wonderful surprise.

Okay, so the rules are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog
  2. Share 7 things about yourself
  3. Nominate others (up to 15)
  4. Include this set of rules
  5. Inform your nominees

Seven Facts About Me

  1. I don’t eat ice cream if it is not raining.
  2. I was the valedictorian back in grade school but was overcome by my best friend in grade nine. It was really sad and I cried, but I kept believing that everything happens for a reason. Because of that fall as well, I was able to have a little more freedom to do all that I love to do because I am not in the spotlight anymore. I am in Senior High School now.
  3. I love animals very, very, very much. But, I am afraid of…well…death by the dangerous animals. How about the actual animals? I still love them so much.
  4. I have never been in love or in a relationship.
  5. I am a Capricorn and I love how my birthday is exactly three days after Christmas but three days before New Year. Guess when it is.
  6. About my name, my mother did not get it from the Chocolate brand, she just made it up and father who grew up knowing about it, weirdly did not tell her about it but just gave her the chocolate some time later on.
  7. My greatest strength AND weakness as well is my interest to learn. Good because learning is never a bad thing, bad still because I want to learn everything that I always have the hardest time when I prioritize and try to figure out the actions I want to take in life.

My Nominees:


That is all for today. And thank you very much again for this lovely award.

Have a nice day!






22 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

    1. Thank you so much 😊 you’re very much welcome. Oh that is a tough question, I love all animals big and small, but if I really do have to choose, then it’s the ever so loyal dogs 🐶 How about you?


      1. That’s so funny, when I was deciding my favourite animal back when I was eight, it was the dog. But since I didn’t count domestic animals I went with the closest thing to the dog: dingo. SO dingo has been my favourite animal ever since, but definitely love dogs so much!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh hahaha, I do not know dingos, looks like I have to learn something new! Hmmm, if domestic animals are not counted, I’d have to say that I love sea animals, a dolphin or a turtle. Dolphins because they are just so beautiful (of course all animals are beautiful though) and turtles because I am in love with their life, the fact that you open your eyes in the sand and feel the call of the waves (never really knowing why 😂) and then finding your family, and the longevity they have been blessed with.


          1. Wow, dingoes are an Aussie animal, a wild dog, basically and so beautiful. So funny, I actually put sea animals in a different category too, along with birds. I had elaborate systems and mostly so that I could have multiple favourites. My favourite sea animal is the seal and my favourite bird is the blue wren. But I also like peacocks and kingfishers. Love talking animal with you – hehe!

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Hahaha, you do have an elaborate system. Me, they’re all animals, but yeah, that is clever, make a lot of categories and you can have a lot of favorite animals. Hmm, I’ve always been drawn to owls, love them and those huge eyes. ❤


  1. Thank you so much for the sweet words! And congrats beauty! You deserve it! I loved reading all your facts and I am with you about learning! I love learning, and if I could, I would be a student for life! Congrats again beauty! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re most certainly welcome! Aww, I’m so glad you loved it! Well, I guess we can be students for life, education doesn’t have to stop after college. I’ve never finished yet but that’s exactly what I plan to do. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are welcome Meiji 😊. Your blog is really awesome and inspiring. You have a great gift within you.Please continue blogging and inspire people around you 😊. And if you can please do visit my blog and let me know about it. It would be really helpful 😊. This is the link to my blog


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