I Almost Died…

April 2, 2018

It was a day like any other.

Two days after we arrived in Japan, we went to a place called Tamagawa (Tama River) where there was this gorgeous road where one could walk under miles of cherry blossom trees. It was just like a scene from a movie.


The wind was cold but the sun was getting a tad bit warmer than comfortable, and I just feel so blessed and grateful for the fact that I get to enjoy a day such as this.

20180402_155438 (2)

But then, on the way home, we had quite an accident.

I do not blame my father nor I am mad at him even though he was the one behind the wheel. Instead of pressing down on the brakes when we approached a cemented platform, he pressed down on the gas instead. And so we crashed.

I remember hearing my brother exclaim “papa stop” while my response to that a second or two before we connected was that, ‘papa will stop soon enough.’

I slammed my face on the back of his seat and when I pulled back, I clearly remember how puffy my face felt like and feeling a little dizzy when I tried to go out of the vehicle. Vainly, my first thoughts were of what I must have looked like now but once I was out of the car and saw the damage, my thoughts changed to having the need to record it.


In my subconscious, I think that those were my actions because it was trying to find a way to distract itself. When I was recording, I felt like it was both something that happened to me and something that I have just seen on Facebook, nothing real.

It was not a good experience, but I am just so thankful for it not being any worse.
In the end, what mattered the most was that we are alive and well despite that.

My father was at fault but in my eyes, it seemed like he must have suffered the most internally. He told my brother and I that ever since getting his driver’s license, he has never been in any accident for the 40 years he has been driving, until that moment. To make it worse, it was our first time live with him in Japan since we grew up in another country. He has also decided not to repair nor buy a new car anymore since he said that being retired, it wasn’t of much use to him anyway.

Looking back on it, I find it weird that I never felt much fear at all, not until my brother and I were told to ride in the car back as we were towed. The only logical explanation I seem to have for that is that because there was someone else I was looking out for, and that was my brother. Being older, my instincts were to comfort him and not be the one being comforted.


As we were being towed, I filmed and the lessons that it taught me were nothing new. That is, being thankful for life and never taking it for granted. To remind myself that there is a positive side, and that is in the fact that there were no serious injuries at all, we were still, in the end, all in one piece.

I am yet to find the reason for why this happened, but until then, I will be just grateful and live on.

Always stay safe, and treasure every moment you have, we don’t know when our last will be.

It’s a really late post I know, but I have finally realized that maybe, hopefully, you may be able to get a thing or two from this.


Much love,

Meiji ❤


PS: Yes, you read that right, it happened weeks ago, April 2, 2018.

All photos were taken by me. 


11 thoughts on “I Almost Died…

  1. Oh hunny I am so happy you are physically okay, aside from some bumps and bruises. That is so scary. We all handle trauma differently, and I think it is natural for some to record and share what happened because it helps you process it. Seeing you so much love. ❤

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  2. Wow that story is crazy! I got t-boned once. it felt like it all happened in a fraction of a second. Very cool that you took photos for how bad the car was totaled it’s amazing that you walked away with only a few scratches.

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    1. Oh wow, how’d you survive? How bad was it? I guess recording it down made it feel like it was less real, and yes, I’m really grateful that it was not any worse and we did not hurt another person.


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