The Performer’s Moment

20180409_134421the lights burn my eyes
blind but undeaf
screams defy my voice
standing still my heart unstill
dub-dub dub-dub

the music stops
ears ringing
in my self-made silence
only engulfing darkness

beyond the lights
i raise my hand
the same way i’ve done as a kid
such a familiar motion

but there’s no question to answer
only a response to the crowd
a response to my vessel
a response to the beating heart inside

pumping blood and something else in my veins
something that makes my mind scream
‘this is power’
my hand stays

there up above
seemingly vanishing in the lights
curling into a fist,
so unlike when i was young

this is called a moment
a seemingly infinitesimally
small stretch of time
but feels like
it could stretch on for forever


photo by me





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